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          about jinwan
          equity particpate

          brief introduction of company

          since the establishment of dandong jin wan group co., ltd. insist on " all for market, all is for the customer " management theory, follow "regard quality as life " quality policy, regard prospering enterprises with science and technology as the strategic objective, is developing constantly in the competition.

          the group company is with the omni-directional advantage in research and development of products, making, selling, serving, etc., the space of winning the market and profit, walk before of the same trade and arrange. the products have already taken now " conceive to a generation, research and develop a generation, storing a generation, producing a generation " system of circulating benignly, as "jin wan " brand advantage set up domestic and international market marketing network, have joined and entered the market competition for enterprises and laid the solid foundation. reliable product quality, management criterion of sincerity, have won the customer's praise and trust.

          during the reform and innovation, the group company is with " persevering, practical, opens up, innovates " as the corporate culture idea, condense and encourage the source of staff's strength.

          the group company will rely on the brand advantage of the national new high-tech enterprise, insistence management and technological innovation remaining the same from beginning to end, promote the competitiveness of the group company with the new and high technology and information technology, create enterprises meeting the needs of the world, facing the future.

          group's news
          group's history
          group's honour
          group's strategy
          human resources
          sales network
          geographical position
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