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          about jinwan
          equity particpate

          the group company is market-oriented, regards the reform and technological innovation as motive forces, takes industrial structure adjustment as the thread, and advance the resource distribution of enterprises and upgrading of industrial structure energetically; we make use of new craft, latest technology, advanced material, efficient equipment to develop products with independent intellectual property right, high scientific and technological content and high added-value, in order to make products maintain the benign circle of" conceive one generation, research and develop one generation, store one generation, and produce a generation"

          the group company takes the strategy to unite with the strong organization and industry in forms of products, cap ital, technology, service, etc to strengthen the ability to resist the constant market risk, the global integration of economics means the coexistence of opportunity and challenge the company will fully utilize new and high technology and information technology to promote" jin wan" brand, in order to combine the resources, such as fund, technology, talent,management of the company. the company will strengthen the concept of quality, implement the strategy of quality vit alizing, and adhere to the management theory" all we have done is for the market and for the customer", in order to win the market share and profit and quicken the steps of realizing industry' s internationalization.

          group's news
          group's history
          group's honour
          group's strategy
          human resources
          sales network
          geographical position
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