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          about jinwan
          equity particpate

          began to research and develop the management software by oneself in 1995

          the software developing department was established formally in 1998

          the group set up the computer network in 1999

          the group managed networked in 2000

          enterprises under the group passed enterprise's authentication of the national software in 2003

          the three workers control software and passed the authentication of the national software product in 2003

          in 2004 the group will realize the informationization of the network will be managed

          2005 -- begin to research and develop industry's data and management data to integrate

          the business administration informationization is used: the management software of information is all designed and researched and developed by oneself; such as selling, producing, purchasing, quality, financial affairs, etc. realize the informationization is managed;

          the informationization of the electronic product is used: the products have already all used cad to carry on design management; the electronic product uses plc to control managing;

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